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Click here to sign up for your CSA now! –> CSA member agreement

CSA flier april 26 deadline


Click here to sign up for your CSA now!  —CSA member agreement

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Click here for–>CSA flier april 26 deadline

Dear Community Customers,

Thank you for showing your interest in our small growing business.  It may seem too early to be thinking about next summer’s vegetables, but on our side we are doing a lot of planning for our future crops to produce the correct amount of each vegetable for next year.  We would really appreciate knowing if you are seriously interested in our summer CSA (community supported agriculture) for next season.  A CSA is a farm share or box of produce of seasonal vegetables that you will receive weekly.  It assures that you will be eating freshly picked, ripe, organic and local food that is healthy for your family and environment.

We will be offering a 15 week CSA from Early June to late September.  The length of the season is very much dependent on the first fall frost, so there may be an opportunity to extend the number of weeks of the CSA.  In this case, we would ask you if you would like to purchase an additional couple weeks of produce at the end of the season.  All produce will be organically grown.  The majority of the produce will be from Sanborn Mills Farm; however we may include treats such as blueberries from an organic farm just down the road from us.  If we ever source from another farm we will make sure that they are credited.

What will be in each CSA share?  The box will contain seasonal produce that will differ from week to week.  We are still in the process of planning our crops for next year but here are some of the things we grew this year:

o Tomatoes (heirlooms, sungolds and more)

o Bell peppers

o Head lettuce, Mesclun Mix

o Spinach

o Swiss Chard

o Broccoli

o Carrots

o Summer Squash (Zucchini)

o Melons (Watermelon, Cantaloupe)

o Herbs (basil, sacred basil, thyme, chives, parsley, echinacea, nasturtium flowers)

o Eggplant (long purple Thai variety)

o Celery                      

o Beans, Peas

o Beets

o Taro (An edible Hawaiian root crop, also used for its spinach-like leaves)

o Onions

o Popping corn

o Maple Syrup

o Garlic

o Sweet potatoes, white potatoes

o Kale

o Sugar Pumpkins

o Kai Lan (Chinese Broccoli)

o Cabbage

o Rutabaga

We are looking to expand on our varieties and welcome any suggestions or recommendations.  Pick up location for the CSA is to be determined and will be based on the location of the majority of our customer base.  You can always come straight to the farm for pick up.

How much will each share cost?  We are offering whole and half shares; both will run 15 weeks.  Whole shares are $500 and half shares are $300.  A down payment for half the total amount is due by April 26, 2013.  Having your down payment at this time allows us to plan our crops better as well as provide funding for purchasing seeds and planting supplies.  The remainder of the payment is due when you receive your first CSA box in early June.  If you need an alternative payment plan, please contact us.

How do you sign up?  Fill out an application and send it to us at 7154 Sanborn Rd. Loudon, NH 03307.  Checks can be made payable to ‘Sanborn Mills Inc.’  You may also call 435-6004 or email for more details.  

Have a friend that may be interested? Please send along the information.  Everyone deserves to eat fresh local food.

We look forward to growing with you!

Alina Harris and Nick Reppun


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